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International standards for Clubhouses

The international standards for Clubhouses, are agreed by consensus by the whole international Clubhouse community, they are the foundation of the clubhouse model for rehabilitation. The fixed principals inside these standards, represent the succes of the Clubhouse-community by helping people with mental illness to prevent hospitalization, while they are realize social, financial,  leather for technical and professional goals.

The standers server also like a "constitution" for members and a code of Conduct for staff, governance, directors. The standards demand that the Clubhouse is a place where members have respect and opportunities. The standards are the basis to judge the quality of a Clubhouse, by the accreditation of Clubhouse International, before the International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD).

Every two years the worldwide Clubhouse-community review the standards, and change theme if see required. The process is coordinated by the revision commission of Clubhouse International, that exist by members and staff of Clubhouse International accredited Clubhouse from all of the world.

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