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A place to recover

A place for people with mental illness is desperately needed. Millions of people around the world have a psychiatric history. Without help as Clubhouses these people would have been left to their fate. You do not just recover on your own. People are social creature so without other people you can not recover. The way is open to the Clubhouse. You can do as much as you want and you should go as far as you want, even paid work. It has been found that the ClubhouseModel is a good way to do this. People who receive this type of care are more likely to rehabilitate than people who do not get care.

The unique is that the Clubhouse recovery encouraged but not put his focus on. The focus where the Clubhouse submit is to live a normal life as possible and rely on people's strengths. The pitfall is that eludes is that you're saying that you have to recover? and then you come out on one's weaknesses. Joining the daily routine and work ensures that Club members come into their power and so recover. This is also the strength of the ClubhouseModel.

This is also the reason that the Clubhouse does not provide therapy. When these people need these therapy people are referred to the hospital.

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