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Kwintes Clubhouse Almere

Clubhouse Almere is not a Clubhouse Anymore. They are chaning there vision and name soon.


Cordaan - DAC Wingerdweg

Cordaan regionCentral regiondistrictNoordA personal note in Amsterdam NorthDagactiviteitencentrum Wingerdweg, part of Cordaan MHC, is housed in a beautiful old monastery. The spacious building with sunny garden offers many opportunities for our visitors.surroundingsDAC Wingerdweg is located in a typ


De Waterheuvel Amsterdam

27 years De Waterheuvel. A Clubhouse for and by people with a mental background. A place in Amsterdam where members can feel safe and welcome, where they can participate, be useful and be needed. For a lot of de Waterheuvel is a statement. The members of de Waterheuvel are people with a mental i